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Insurance Articles

do parking tickets affect insurance
Ontario Auto Insurance

Do Parking Tickets Affect Insurance?

Do Parking Tickets Affect Auto Insurance Rates or Your Driving Record in Ontario? Parking tickets do not affect your auto insurance rates in Ontario, directly, but not paying them, or paying them late, could invalidate your driver’s license. Many people drive with expired or suspended driver’s licenses without even knowing! Hmmm, makes me wonder if…

no-fault insurance
Ontario Auto Insurance

What is No-Fault Insurance?

In June 1990 the Ontario government under the NDP regime legislated a partial no-fault insurance system designed to replace the tort system that was in place at the time. It was thought that no-fault insurance would speed up the processing of claims, minimize the number of people proceeding with personal injury lawsuits against those who caused…

Ontario Auto Insurance

Who’s At-Fault in a Parking Lot Accident in Ontario?

Have you ever been involved in a parking lot car accident and wondered who the responsible driver was? This article is intended to address popular myths regarding parking lot accidents, as it relates to the designation of fault, and also to provide a guideline for some of the rules and laws that surround car accidents…