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Finding affordable car insurance quotes in Canada can be a frustrating task!  Not only are you dealing with a heavily regulated insurance market across the country, but also provincial regulators. This means that you are restricted to buying car insurance from the province you reside.

Comparing the cheapest car insurance quotes in Canada. How it Works:

How to get the most affordable car insurance in Canada

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Shop Around

Car insurance companies in Canada update their rates on a continuous basis. Shop for the best rate and make it a habit!

Bundle Home and Auto

Discounts of 20% or higher for insuring your home and auto with the same insurance company.

Increase Deductible

Increasing your deductible brings down your premium because you’re willing to take on more risk, and at the same time, taking some risk away from the insurer.

Switch Vehicle Type 

Some vehicles are more expensive to insure than others.  You can save some money by choosing a vehicle that costs less to insure!

Reduce Coverage

reducing auto insurance coverage is usually not a good idea, but if your risk tolerance can handle it then this option is sometimes available to you.

Group Insurance

Group insurance discounts to members/employees of the group, which is another way of saving on your car insurance in Canada.

Switch Company

Car insurance rates change monthly from one insurance company to the other. This can present a savings opportunity for you. 

Drive Cautiously

It is no surprise that driving according to the law and minimizing traffic infractions /accidents can dramatically decrease your auto insurance premium. 

Car Insurance between Provinces:

Car insurance in Canada varies from province to province regarding regulations, administration, and how your insurance policy responds after a claim is submitted. Some provinces choose to have government-run insurance through their vehicle registration system while other provinces choose to have private insurance companies guide the market. Although every province runs its auto insurance system differently, some provinces may seem more or less compared to others.

Canada Car Insurance FAQs

In Canada, you can insure your car through private auto insurance companies or by Non-profit Crown Corporations.

Methods of obtaining car insurance through Crown corporations such as ICBC, Manitoba Public Insurance, Saskatchewan Public insurance include:

  1. Through Motor Vehicle Registration
  2. Through Brokers and Agents (usually for surplus coverage or any gaps that government might now cover)

Methods of obtaining auto insurance through Private Insurers include:

  1. Directly from the Insurer. No intermediary involved and direct to the consumer
  2. Insurance Broker. Intermediary involved and an indirect sales channel to the consumer
  3. Through a combination of Direct Writer Insurance companies, Brokers or Agents

The difference between public and private auto insurers rests on how the insurance product is sold and administrated.  Public car insurance is run by the government while private insurers are run by private companies. Quebec is a hybrid system where both public and private models are used.

Auto insurance through the public sector is administered through the provincial ministry of transportation and vehicle registration offices.  Insurance premiums are paid when drivers renew their license plate registrations and renewals.

If supplemental insurance is required, it can be purchased from the private sector.

Insurance brokers play an important role in the distribution of auto insurance to consumers in Canada.  Insurance brokers are licensed individuals authorized to sell insurance to the public and bring you and the insurance company together into a contractual agreement.  The broker is an intermediary is also responsible for ensuring that your insurance needs are met.

  1. Tasks that Insurance Broker do for you:
  2. Facilitate the purchase of car insurance
  3. Compare and contrast auto insurance quotes to get the best coverage for the best price
  4. Service the Auto Policy Account
  5. Facilitate with the auto claims process

Insurance brokers help you choose the best and most affordable auto insurance coverage, from multiple insurance companies!

British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan are provinces in Canada that have government auto insurance. Quebec is the only province with a dual system, where both property damages to the vehicle are handled by private insurers, while the government deals with any injuries that might result from a motor vehicle accident.

Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, PEI, and Quebec are provinces in Canada with No-Fault auto insurance.

New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Labrador, Ontario, Quebec (hybrid), Nova Scotia, PEI, and Quebec have private car insurance.  

Car insurance in Canada operates on a provincial level. Each province in Canada regulates auto insurance according to its governing bodies. Provinces such as British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba run their provincial car insurance programs through non-profit crown corporations. The administration of car insurance by Crown corporations is usually done through Motor vehicle and license plate registration. The remaining provinces are outside the public sector and rely on private insurance companies to meet the needs of the free market. Private insurers use insurance intermediaries such as Brokers and Insurance agents to sell car insurance to the consumer public.