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Getting the cheapest car insurance in Calgary requires covering all your bases and getting quotes from as many insurance companies as possible. It’s really that simple, but can be very time-consuming. makes the process easier and faster by comparing 30+ quotes from the leading insurance carriers for you!


Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes in Calgary Couldn't be Easier

Calgary, Alberta is one of the most expensive cities in Canada to buy car insurance. Being one of the most populated cities in Alberta, it’s no surprise that Calgary drivers pay a lot! Let us find the most affordable auto insurance quote for you. We will connect you to a Calgary insurance broker who will secure the best and lowest rate!   

How to get the most affordable car insurance in Calgary.

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Shop Around!

Car insurance companies in Calgary update their rates on a continuous basis. Shop for the best rate and make it a habit!

Bundle Home and Auto

Discounts of 20% or higher for insuring your home and auto with the same insurance company.

Increase Deductible

Increasing your deductible brings down your premium because you’re willing to take on more risk, and at the same time, taking some risk away from the insurer.

Switch Vehicle Type 

Some vehicles are more expensive to insure than others.  You can save some money by choosing a vehicle that costs less to insure!

Reduce Coverage

reducing auto insurance coverage is usually not a good idea, but if your risk tolerance can handle it than this option is sometimes available to you.

Group Insurance

Group insurance discounts to members/employees of the group, which is another way of saving on your car insurance, not only in Calgary but anywhere in Canada.

Switch Company

Car insurance rates change monthly from one insurance company to the other. This can present a savings opportunity for you. 

Drive Cautiously

It is no surprise that driving according to the law and minimizing traffic infractions /accidents can dramatically decrease your auto insurance premium. 

Comparing the cheapest car insurance quotes in Calgary. How it Works:

Calgary Car Insurance FAQs:

Frequently asked questions regarding auto insurance in Edmonton

What should I consider when getting a Calgary car insurance quote?

Some things to consider when getting a quote for car insurance in Calgary are:

  • Will you be using a direct writer auto insurance company or an Insurance Broker? Knowing the difference between an insurance broker and an insurance agent will help you understand the roles and responsibilities of each type of intermediary.  The distinction between insurance intermediaries can mean the difference between paying more or less for car insurance in Calgary.
  • Have you got as many auto insurance quotes as you possibly can get? Getting auto insurance quotes in Calgary can be tedious, time-consuming and sometimes very frustrating. However, not covering all your bases could leave you paying more for car insurance than you might need to. Not every insurance company, brokerage or insurance agency in Calgary offers the same coverage for the same cost, so consumer discretion is very important to secure the most affordable auto insurance.

The numerous distribution channels for car insurance in Calgary require obtaining as many auto insurance quotes as you can, to secure the best coverage for the best price. Not being thorough with getting quotes could leave you paying more than you need to! 

How can a Calgary Insurance Broker help me find the best car insurance?

Insurance Brokers from Calgary are intermediaries licensed to sell insurance to the public.  Insurance brokers are authorized to act on your behalf in the insurance transaction.  In addition to soliciting insurance contracts, Insurance Brokers of Calgary, describe insurance coverages, interpret insurance provisions, carry out specific tasks requested by the customer and monitor a client’s insurance needs.  Insurance Brokers in Calgary have dual responsibilities to the insurance company and the customer.

How much is car insurance in Calgary?

The cost of car insurance in Calgary can range from cheap to expensive, depending on your risk profile. Auto insurance policies in Calgary can range between $1,200 and $4,000. Fortunately, Calgarians, have a dual rating system where the option to choose the lesser price is available. The system is called the Grid and calculates auto insurance rates.

The average price of auto insurance in Edmonton is roughly $1,550. The figure is based on a driver with a clean record and driving experience of over ten years. Depending on your driving profile and claim history the average price for car insurance in Calgary could be substantially more!

How do I get cheap car insurance in Calgary?

The secret to finding cheap car insurance in Calgary is shopping and comparing prices from as many Insurance companies, insurance brokers, and insurance agents as possible. If your goal is to find the cheapest car insurance, and the price is the most important factor to you, then you should be looking for car insurance quotes approximately 30 days before your renewal, if applicable.

Prices of auto insurance in Calgary fluctuate regularly and car insurance quotes are usually valid for one month before lapsing, so it’s important to shop around as much as possible within that time frame to secure the cheapest auto insurance rate.