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Getting an affordable car insurance quote in Edmonton can be daunting task, especially since Edmonton is one the most expensive cities in Alberta to purchase auto insurance. It’s simply time consuming and can be very frustrating hunting down the best and cheapest price. can help you find the lowest possible auto insurance rate in Edmonton! It’s easy, fast and will save you money!


We help you compare car Insurance quotes from the top auto Insurance Companies in Edmonton!

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Comparing for the cheapeast car insurance quotes in Edmonton. How it Works:

How to get the most affordable car insurance in Edmonton.

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Shop Around!

Car insurance companies in Edmonton update their rates on a continuous basis. Shop for the best rate and make it a habit!

Bundle Home and Auto

Discounts of 20% or higher for insuring your home and auto with the same insurance company.

Increase Deductible

Increasing your deductible brings down your premium because you’re willing to take on more risk, and at the same time, taking some risk away from the insurer.

Switch Vehicle Type 

Some vehicles are more expensive to insure than others.  You can save some money by choosing a vehicle that cost less to insure!

Reduce Coverage

reducing auto insurance coverage is usually not a good idea, but if your risk tolerance can handle it than this option is sometimes available to you.

Group Insurance

Group insurance discounts to members/employees of the group, which is another way of saving on your car insurance, not only in Edmonton but anywhere in Canada.

Switch Company

Car insurance rates change monthly from one insurance company to the other. This can present a savings opportunity for you. 

Drive Cautiously

It is no surprise that driving according to the law and minimizing traffic infractions /accidents can dramatically decrease your auto insurance premium. 

FAQs  about car insurance in Edmonton

Car insurance in Edmonton Alberta can be purchased through a direct writer Insurance company or an Agent or Insurance Broker.

A direct writer insurance company is an insurance company that is licensed to sell car insurance directly to the consumer public. Some examples of direct writer insurance companies are Belair, TD Insurance, RBC Insurance, Desjardins Insurance and many more.

Direct writer auto insurance companies in Edmonton employ insurance agents to sell and service customers or policyholders.  Direct writers eliminate the “middleman” in the insurance transaction process as a business model that tends to usually be cheaper for the consumer, as commissions are not paid to an Insurance broker or other intermediaries.

Car insurance in Edmonton is governed by the Automobile Insurance Rate Board or AIRB.  The AIRB is responsible for ensuring car insurance prices and rates in Edmonton, or anywhere else in Alberta, is fair and reasonable.   “The Board’s vision is to foster an efficient and effective automobile insurance market with fair and predictable rates.”

The average price of auto insurance in Edmonton is roughly $1,250, annually according to The figure is based on a driver with a clean record with driving experience of over ten years. Depending on your driving experience, claims history and driver’s license violations the average price for car insurance in Edmonton could be substantially more!

The average price of auto insurance in Edmonton per month is approximately $122 based on findings from

Car insurance rating in Edmonton is calculated, similarly to other car insurance rating systems models used by insurance companies in other provinces.
Auto insurance premiums in Edmonton are calculated using the following:

– The vehicle itself – based on insurance bureau statistics that measure the likelihood of an injury or extent of damages of a vehicle based on make and model of car.

– Postal Code – where you garage the vehicle, usually where you live in a personal auto insurance policy

– Driver Habits and Behaviour – this is pretty self-explanatory; if you have a driving history full of driving violations and traffic tickets, and accidents, you’re likely to pay more than someone who has a cleaner driving record.

– Driving Experience – Years licensed and insured also play a factor in determining your car insurance premium in Edmonton.

Car insurance rates in Edmonton are based on a two-model system. One system of car insurance rating is a traditional system comparable to other provinces. The other system is called the grid system.