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Pet insurance protects the pets you love and is a way to help ensure that mutual love and caring will last for as long as possible.

Veterinarian bills for unexpected pet injuries or illnesses can be very expensive. Not being able to afford the cost of vet bills due to unexpected inquiries or illness to your pet could sometimes end up with sad consequences. Having pet insurance is one way to help avoid a situation that we can’t even bear to imagine!

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Pet Insurance Canada FAQs:

Frequently asked questions about pet insurance in Canada

Is pet insurance worth it?

Yes, pet insurance is worth purchasing especially if you can’t shoulder the financial responsibility for emergency pet illness and accidents. Pet insurance is worth it, for the simple reason that many cannot afford emergency medical veterinarian care for their pets. Having peace of mind that your cat or dog will be taken care of should something bad accidentally happen is priceless.

What does pet insurance cover?

Pet insurance covers accidental and unexpected illnesses to your pets. Pet insurance is a form of health insurance, mainly for cats and dogs.

What pet insurance covers dental?

Most pet insurance policies cover new dental accidents and illnesses. Although it’s not typical for pet insurance to cover routine and preventive dental care some companies offer procedures such as tooth extractions and cleaning as an extra value benefit.

What pet insurance covers wellness?

Pet insurance normally does not cover “wellness” or routine preventive care. Routine care and wellness are considered foreseeable and not accidental. However, some pet insurance companies will offer wellness and routine wellness as an extra add-on option.

What pet insurance covers teeth cleaning?

Technically, cleaning of teeth is not insurable, as it is foreseeable and considered an expected expense of owning a pet. However, some pet insurance companies offer teeth cleaning as an extra value service included in routine care or preventative care packages.

What pet insurance covers shots?

Shots and vaccinations are not covered by pet insurance unless the requirement for shots is predicated by an accident or unforeseeable illness. However, just like wellness and routine care, some pet insurance companies offer coverage for shots as an add-on option.

What pet insurance covers neutering?

Neutering is not covered by pet insurance as it’s not unforeseeable or accidental. However, if the requirement for neutering stems from an accident or unforeseeable illness it may be covered.

What pet insurance covers breeding?

Breeding is not covered by pet insurance. Pet insurance is meant to cover accidental and unforeseeable illnesses.

What pet insurance covers routine and preventative care?

Pet insurance does not cover preventive care. However, some pet insurance companies offer value-added features and add-ons that cover certain kinds of preventative and routine care.

What pet insurance covers hip dysplasia?

Pet insurance usually covers hip
dysplasia if:

-The illness is caused unexpectedly,
-The breed of pet isn’t genetically predisposed
to hip dysplasia and not excluded
-The waiting or stability period has a lapse

What pet insurance covers IVDD?

Most pet insurance companies will
cover IVDD, or intervertebral disc disease, only if the onset of
the disease started after pet insurance has been purchased and the new policy waiting
or stability period has expired.
Some pet insurance companies will not cover IVDD due to a genetic
predisposition in some breeds of dog

What pet insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions?

Pet insurance companies do not cover preexisting conditions. If they did pet owners would only purchase pet insurance once their pet becomes ill, or anytime through the duration of the illness. This would force pet insurance companies out of business since all new policies would be claimed shortly after policy inception, exhausting the insurance pool.
However, some pet insurance companies will insure pets with preexisting conditions, but exclude the preexisting condition in itself.

Is pet insurance worth it for a cat?

Yes, pet insurance is worth it for a cat! The cost of unexpected and unforeseeable accidents and illnesses can range anywhere from $300 to $10,000. Having pet insurance can definitely unburden you financially and also preserve your cat’s health and possibly save your cat’s life.

Is pet insurance worth it for older dogs?

Yes, pet insurance is worth it for an older dog. Just as we become more vulnerable to accidents and illnesses as we grow older, dogs or any other animal do also. Emergency veterinarian care can cost well into the thousands. As a dog age, the likelihood of accidents and illness increases and so does the need to care for them. Having pet insurance for older dogs is a very good idea!

What pet insurance covers allergy testing?

Pet insurance does not cover allergy testing, but value-added benefits such as Wellness/Preventative or routine care packages can be purchased through some pet insurers as an add-on product/service. Some wellness and routine pet care packages should include allergy testing.

What pet insurance covers annual visits?

Pet insurance does not cover annual visits to the veterinarian. However, some pet insurance companies offer “wellness” and “routine” care benefit packages, usually sold as an add-on feature, that fill in the gap where insurance doesn’t apply. Comparing and contrasting benefits from multiple pet ‘wellness’ or “routine” care quotes will help you find a pet insurance company that will offer coverage for annual visits to the vet.

What does pet insurance NOT cover?

Pet insurance does not cover veterinarian expenses for routine, preventative care, or wellness. Like any other type of insurance, coverage applies only to accidents and unexpected events. However, many pet insurance companies offer wellness and preventive care benefits which can be purchased alongside pet insurance.

What pet insurance covers tooth extractions?

Pet insurance may cover tooth extractions if caused by an accident or unforeseen illness. A tooth extraction from ordinary wear and tear would not be covered by pet insurance. Some pet insurance companies offer routine and preventative care benefits packages that may include a regular extraction.

What pet insurance covers cherry eye?

Most pet insurance companies will cover “cherry eye” (prolapse nictitans gland) if the illness or infection occurs after the waiting or stability period of a new policy, not excluded specifically by breed or condition and not a preexisting condition. Dogs are more prone to “cherry eye” than cats, especially breeds such as basset hounds, beagles, pugs, boxers, Boston terriers, Cocker spaniels, just to name a few.

What pet insurance covers exam fees?

Pet insurance companies normally do not cover veterinarian exam fees but may be covered under a Wellness and Preventative benefits plan. Keep in mind that pet insurance and wellness plans are two distinct products/services.

Can I get pet insurance with a pre-existing condition?

Yes, you can get pet insurance even though your pet may have a preexisting condition. However, the pet insurance company may stipulate conditions for coverage or exclude the preexisting condition from the policy entirely.
If your decision to purchase pet insurance stems immediately after a medical diagnosis of an illness or condition, and hope to have this condition covered by pet insurance, you will be out of luck. Pet insurance, like any type of insurance, is meant to cover losses that are accidental and unforeseeable.

Is pet insurance effective immediately?

No, pet insurance is not effective immediately. Pet insurance companies require a “waiting period” to rule out undisclosed preexisting conditions, to reduce frivolous claims and fraud.

Can pet insurance be transferred to a new owner?

Some pet insurance companies allow the transfer of an existing pet insurance policy to a new owner, while other companies do not. Finding a company that will allow the transfer of insurance policies to a new owner is a process of elimination.