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Condo insurance coverage explained:

Condominium insurance responds to the risks associated with common areas owned by the condo corp. and your specific unit.  It’s very important to know the definitions of what is “owned” and what is “not owned” as they can be different depending on the particular Condominium corporation.

Contents and Personal Property

this covers your personal belongings, similar to other habitational insurance policies. A limit of coverage can exist depending on the type of condo insurance policy you purchase.

Your Condo Corp. only covers common areas and does NOT cover your personal belongings or contents.

Third-Party Legal Liability

Liability protection from a condo insurance policy is very similar to legal liability coverage from any habitational insurance policy. Legal liability protection provides insurance coverage for any damages or injuries you cause to a third party, for which you are legally liable. The scope of insurance coverage is usually worldwide.

Additional Living Expenses Coverage

Additional living expenses in condo insurance work very similar to other habitational insurance policies, such as tenant or homeowners insurance.

Coverage for additional living expenses provides protection for any extra expense you might incur while your dwelling is considered unfit for occupation, and the evacuation from your dwelling is caused by an insured peril.

Coverage is typically expressed as a ratio derived from the total amount of insurance. For example: If you purchased $500,00 worth of condo insurance and additional living expenses offered 20% coverage, that would mean that $100,000 can be designated for additional living expenses. ($500,000 x .20)

Unit Improvements and Betterments

Condo policies have unique features specific to condo ownership. One of those features is called Improvements and Betterment insurance coverage.

Improvements and betterment condo coverage protect the extra added improvements and enhancements you make to your unit.  Some examples are custom cabinetry, upgraded kitchen bathrooms, and even sometimes structural changes within the unit.

Condo Special Assessment Insurance

Condominium special assessment is a term used to describe specific insurance coverage for condominium owners.  Condo special assessment coverage is broken down into the following:

Contingency Assessment Coverage

Contingency assessment condo insurance coverage is meant to protect the condo owner from being levied additional insurance fees should the primary insurance policy of the condo corp. prove insufficient to cover a loss.

Loss Assessment Coverage

Loss assessment coverage is very similar to “contingency coverage”, in that, it provides coverage for monetary levies that can be imposed by the condo corp. for insufficient insurance coverage for common areas.  The condo corp. and the condo unit owners share responsibility for loss exposure to common areas, should the primary policy of the condominium corporation fall short.

Condo Insurance Canada FAQs:

Frequently asked questions about Condo insurance in Canada

What is condo insurance?

Condo insurance (also known as Strata insurance in Western Canada) is another form of habitational insurance similar to home or tenant insurance but with notable differences, specifically tailored for condo owners.

Is condo insurance mandatory?

Condo insurance is mandatory for a condominium corporation to have for common elements and the individual units for major perils such as fire and lightning.

Condominium insurance for the condo owner is often required by the condominium corporation. Although not legislated, a condo corporation will require a written agreement from you which clearly outlines your insurance requirements.  It’s important to have a close look at the condo corps agreement which is supposed to clearly state what the requirements for insurance are, and anything else that might affect your risk exposure.  Have your Insurance broker, agent or lawyer review the agreement and make necessary recommendations.

Mortgage Company may Require Condo Insurance:

Condominium ownership may require purchasing condo insurance by a lienholder, for example, a Bank or Mortgage Company.  This protects the lienholder from losing their investment in the condo should something bad happen. This is another example where having condominium insurance is not legislated but required by anyone or anything that has a financial interest in that condo or property.